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Making a Big Difference in the Smallest Patient Populations

  • Manufacturers whose products treat rare diseases take on higher complexity, more risk, and a greater purpose – helping patients who have no other treatment options.

  • Streamlining trials takes worldwide infrastructure and local expertise while increasing access to life-changing therapies takes demonstrating clinical and economic value.

  • Ensuring continuity of care takes integrated teams who recognize the barriers and challenges patients face and execute high-touch support services designed to address the needs of the whole patient.

  • Maximizing efficiency takes third-party logistics and tailored distribution strategies from a partner who has played a key role in the North American commercialization of nearly every successful specialty product in the last decade.

  • Patients and caregivers battling with a rare disease understand that every patient matters. So do we.

  • AmerisourceBergen’s Signature® Commercialization Strategies are designed around individual products and the unique needs of patients, providing end-to-end support for each step of the product and patient journey.

It takes experience, commitment and AmerisourceBergen to ensure your rare disease treatment reaches those who need it most.

Clinical Trial Specialty Logistics

For a patient with a rare disease, their lifeline often starts with a global clinical trial.

Many orphan drug trials require specialized logistics to reach small populations in often geographically challenging locations. Fully integrated GxP-compliant temperature-controlled transport, storage and distribution solutions protect pharmaceuticals requiring cold chain logistics. Efficient management of integrated supply chain logistics improves quality and accountability in transportation, dispensing and storage. Additionally, a strategic partnership with the Medical Research Network offers a highly integrated model for both clinical trials and ongoing home healthcare. Particularly for patients requiring at-home storage, (helping to increase patient recruitment and retention while ensuring the integrity of trial products) technology can make all the difference. The RFID- enabled product storage system CubixxCT® ensures medication utilization and patient-reported outcomes can be tracked during in-home clinical trials, and beyond. The right partner, fully integrated transport, storage and distribution create efficiencies in clinical trials, bringing treatments one step closer to the patient.

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Market Access Consulting

For a patient with a rare disease, payer coverage policies can create a barrier to treatment.

By demonstrating incomparable product value and developing a market access strategy that is tailored to the requirements of local decision makers, manufacturers can overcome increased payer scrutiny. This requires a full understanding of the patient journey. Manufacturers must demonstrate how the product fits into the overall treatment experience, including better outcomes and a reduction in the patient’s total cost of care. This takes gathering insights from patients, caregivers and patient advocates who give voice to the unique needs of the patient population. While in parallel collaborating with physician KOLs to understand their awareness for the new treatment, identify factors that may limit utilization, and create plans to overcome any barriers.

Dedicated consultants, with expertise in the U.S., Canada, and key European markets, aid in developing customized strategies that keep these key stakeholders in mind while considering the complex and evolving reimbursement and competitive landscapes specific to orphan products. Additionally, burden-of- illness studies provide credible data that raise payers’ awareness of unmet needs within their own patient populations. With more of the treatment costs shifting to patients, and providers facing more administrative burden than ever before, designing patient and provider support services that make it easier to navigate a complex reimbursement landscape is more critical than ever. Whether it is evolving the product message as real-world data emerges or tapping patient advocates and advisory boards to stay abreast of payer perception and provider education, monitoring and strategic planning must continue post-launch to drive continued product access.

How AmerisourceBergen can help

Patient Access and Adherence

The right advocate relationship makes all the difference for the patient.

Making a difference can start before the product is even available. Because diagnosis and treatment is particularly arduous for patients with a rare disease, expanded access programs offered prior to FDA approval can provide much- needed support. By preparing providers, patients and caregivers with disease state education, as well as access to registries, manufacturers can build a patient base in advance of the launch of an ultra-orphan therapy. Once a treatment decision has been made, patients and their caregivers must turn their attention to overcoming barriers to access and affordability. Knowledgeable advocates who understand the patient journey, the reimbursement landscape for a specific product, and who are empowered to solve problems, serve as a vital lifeline.

Advocates help patients realize the full benefit to customizable patient support by ensuring they are aware of all the services that provide education and advocacy within the rare disease community – improving speed to therapy, streamlining communications, and creating a consistent patient experience by connecting manufacturers, payers, patients and other healthcare stakeholders. They may assist with enrollment into the support program and provide education so patients and caregivers understand a particular therapy and its intended impact on their disease. Advocates also play an important role by providing logistics support for care coordination and free goods product shipments such as first dose, bridge products and patient assistance programs. Additionally, for patients using a provider-administered product, proactive advocates who navigate the access challenges that often accompany site of care changes enable better adherence to therapy.

How AmerisourceBergen can help

Specialty Third-Party Logistics

Specialized logistics services accelerate launch timelines for long-awaited treatments while ensuring product is kept in storage and transport.

Specialized logistics offerings, including finished goods warehousing, inventory management, ordering, shipping and financial services, are tailored to enable a seamless journey – improving speed to market, product access, and logistics ROI. Options such as enhanced 3PL services can help mitigate financial risks. Serving as the sole customer, a third-party logistics partner reduces the need for additional staff and increases speed-to-market with nationwide licensing. This maintains manufacturer control of customer relationships and product branding, while protecting and creating visibility to important data. Actionable intelligence enables the right decisions in real time, and that results in a better patient experience.

How AmerisourceBergen can help

Specialty Distribution

Access to treatments in all channels – in the hospital, at the physician’s office, or at home – is important for a patient with a rare disease.

As the largest distributor of specialty pharmaceuticals reaching hospitals, physician practices, as well as specialty and retail pharmacies, our commercialization experts have the experience and insights to navigate complex distribution decisions. REMS programs, customized contracts and data solutions are just a few of the options that improve patient safety and enhance visibility to both the patient base and product sales trends. Tailored distribution strategies and patented inventory management technology designed with the patient’s treatment experience in mind improve product access while also achieving cost and logistical efficiencies.

As an example, Cubixx® Solutions technology automates inventory logistics and management functions so healthcare providers benefit from greater efficiency and control. This creates more time for what matters most: patient care. Additionally, an in-home version offers life-saving medications right at the patient’s fingertips.

With the largest collection of specialty physician GPO networks, access is available to thousands of providers across a wide range of specialties. GPO programs raise prescribers’ awareness of breakthrough treatments for rare diseases and enable consistent communication so critical prescribers are aware of not only information related to your products’ indications, but also its coverage, coding, and patient access support programs.

And as a result of continuous investment in national distribution centers, your customers benefit from advanced technologies that ensure integrity, stability and next-day delivery of critical specialty pharmaceuticals. Extensive training, as well as a commitment to a best-in-class customer experience, equip our associates with specialty product knowledge so they can quickly respond to your customers and resolve any challenges that could impede product access.

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Specialty Pharmacy

Each unique patient journey is supported by specialized care integrated with in-depth clinical knowledge.

Enhancing the patient journey requires caring and knowledgeable pharmacy teams that understand the therapy, condition and unique needs of each patient. Specialty services such as financial assistance support improve product access and increase speed to therapy so patients obtain the greatest benefit from treatment. While collection and reporting of adverse events, patient-reported outcomes, and other data elements provide insights used to reduce risk and improve care. Comprehensive inventory management and pharmacist quality checks ensure orphan medications are dispensed properly, maximizing valuable therapies that may be manufactured in small quantities. Technology solutions increase pharmacy transparency, providing manufacturer partners with real-time access to detailed program information and strategic insights throughout the product lifecycle.

How AmerisourceBergen can help

A Choice in Care

Enhance Patient Care

  • Independent specialty providers offer a unique treatment experience that many patients value. But this experience is threatened.

  • Despite treatment advances and seeing more patients than ever before, practice viability is challenged due to reduced reimbursement and increased administrative burden.

  • While access to innovative technology and consulting optimize workflow efficiency and revenue cycle management.

  • Clinically integrated specialty pharmacy solutions elevate patient care.

  • AmerisourceBergen offers integrated, advanced solutions in specialty care, ensuring providers remain independent to deliver the treatment experience patients value.

It Takes AmerisourceBergen to elevate operational performance to enhance the patient experience.

Specialty Distribution

AmerisourceBergen is a leading distributor of specialty pharmaceuticals with an extensive understanding of the intricacies of the specialty market

As the market leading specialty pharmaceutical distributor to independent physicians, AmerisourceBergen ensures practices receive the right products at the right time, allowing physicians to focus on patient care. User-friendly online ordering and tracking, next-day delivery options, and customer service with a human response—including no-wait phone inquiries—create operational efficiency. Additionally, specialty market experts help practices navigate regulatory complexity and capitalize on market changes by sharing timely updates on reimbursement trends and product information. For oncology practices, the Nucleus Inventory Management technology reduces waste and improves productivity.

How AmerisourceBergen can help

GPO Services

The dedicated teams at AmerisourceBergen will help you maximize value from your Group Purchasing Organization (GPO) contracts

Preferred contracting, clinically integrated specialty pharmacy services for oral oncology products, clinical and practice management education, and advocacy programs help practices operate profitably while continuing to provide the personalized care and attention that patients value. In particular, the Specialty Oncology Network, the largest and longest- tenured in-practice pharmacy dispensing program, facilitates practice growth while enhancing patient care. By enabling providers to manage all aspects of a patient’s oncology therapy – from the initial dispense to the completion of therapy – AmerisourceBergen’s integrated model tightens the provider-patient relationship. Oncologists can customize treatment based on knowledge of the patient’s medical profile and holistic needs. As a result, patients can start therapy more quickly, dosing regimens can be adjusted easily, and with greater visibility to patient’s adherence; providers can more effectively guide treatment – resulting in a better patient experience.

How AmerisourceBergen can help

Specialty Pharmacy

We understand the need for detailed information on quality of care and outcomes measurements to improve the patient experience & communication

Partnerships across AmerisourceBergen further enhance communication between stakeholders, which enhances patient care. In one example, national specialty pharmacy provider US Bioservices partnered with oncology practices a part of the ION Solutions GPO to establish nursing outreach programs that proactively manage patients at key milestones in their therapy. The specialty pharmacy tracks and monitors data, including information pulled from clinical trials, to determine when a patient is likely to experience side effects. The pharmacy then works with oncologists to develop communication and escalation protocols that identify any issues or positive reactions to therapy, all of which is reported back to the practice.

The right technology also plays a key role in improving connectivity between physicians and specialty pharmacy. MyPathpoint is a HIPAA-compliant web portal that provides physicians real-time access to shipment information, prescription status, refill notifications, clinical notes and more. The portal is updated every 15 minutes so physicians can closely monitor patients’ access and ability to adhere to therapy. This proactive approach helps improve both patient adherence and patient outcomes by further reducing gaps in communication.

How AmerisourceBergen can help

Technology and Business Consulting

From financial benchmarking to medical scheduling AmerisourceBergen's integrated practice management system can improve revenue-generating opportunities

Innovative technologies like InfoDive, the premier financial intelligence and benchmarking tool for specialty providers, creates actionable analysis to improve practice performance. With 45 practice management systems interfaced, practices can easily analyze both internal data and benchmark against peers in areas like coding, productivity, marketing, revenue collection, and more – finding ways to enhance productivity, increase revenue, reduce audit risk, and improve marketing results.

The consulting team performed a comprehensive practice management evaluation focused overall practice improvement with an emphasis on workflow and technological management. The team provided key insight to better measure, monitor, and improve our financial and clinical performance. Since our initial meeting that was less than 6 months ago, we have fully transitioned from a paper-based chemotherapy coding system to a fully automated enterprise billing system.

Benjamin J. Ikard
OU Cancer Center Project Manager

For oncology practices who want to maximize their results, Innovation Cancer is a new solution that utilizes business intelligence tools and other resources to enable greater focus on quality care. The power of analytical tools paired with strategic guidance and hands-on support from dedicated business coaches, who are experienced industry professionals, helps practices make smarter business decisions.

The team from Innovation Cancer visited our practice for 2 days. In such a short time, they were able to produce a concise, comprehensive report that provided valuable analysis for our management team. They were able to uncover issues and make recommendations that were effective in improving our operational efficiency. I would strongly recommend having the team study any issues you may not have time to investigate or to provide your practice with an analysis of potential areas for improvement.

Bob Phelan
CEO at Cancer Specialists, LLC

How AmerisourceBergen can help

The Path To Community Healthcare

Enhance Patient Care

  • Community pharmacists are poised to take on more prominent roles in patient care but are faced with financial pressures.

  • A transitioning healthcare environment and narrowing networks have resulted in lower reimbursement and fewer opportunities to engage new patients.

  • Superior distribution offerings and value-added services enable pharmacies to operate at peak efficiency while expert guidance helps navigate shifting market requirements.

  • Innovative care programs and expanded clinical opportunities lead to new streams of revenue.

  • AmerisourceBergen offers services and solutions to help position community pharmacies as leading sources of care.

It Takes AmerisourceBergen to provide solutions that help pharmacists build a smarter path to profitability and enhance patient care in local communities.

Maximize Distributor Value

A dedicated distribution partner ensures reliable, consistent and secure sourcing, so pharmacists can focus more on patient care.

Global Sourcing and Distribution

Access to the right product at the right time is a cornerstone of delivering patient care and operating a healthy community pharmacy. AmerisourceBergen maintains consistent and secure distribution of millions of products delivered daily. This reliability ensures that pharmacists can spend less time on inventory and product integrity concerns and more time delivering quality patient care. In addition, reliable customer service and market leading expertise help pharmacists stay informed and manage operations.

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Optimize Patient Access

Elevate Provider NetworkSM and Good Neighbor Pharmacy® make it easier to retain and attract new patients.

Value-Based Network Negotiation

On behalf of community pharmacists, Elevate Provider Network approaches modeling and negotiations with a range of payer networks, keeping the needs of the pharmacy in mind. Additionally, affiliation with this large-scale network helps pharmacies stay profitable while maintaining access and continuing to provide care to patients.

Patient Attraction and Retention

AmerisourceBergen’s Good Neighbor Pharmacy program provides exclusive access to tools and expertise that help solidify pharmacies as trusted healthcare destinations in their communities. Experienced business coaches and strategic retail experts are available to increase pharmacy awareness and tailor service offerings to the unique needs of the community.

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Improve Profitability

PRxO GenericsSM offers economically competitive product options while self-service analytic tools and business coaches help streamline workflow.

Generics Purchasing Program

PRxO Generics is a comprehensive generics purchasing program designed to give community pharmacists confidence in their generics business and allow more time to focus on patient care. Competitive invoice pricing and performance-based rebates allow for smarter purchase decisions and better management of cash flow. Meanwhile, reliable and secure daily delivery of millions of generic drugs ensures that pharmacists will be able to provide optimal and timely care to patients.

Self-Service Analytic Tools

Integrated analytic tools allow community pharmacists to leverage centralized data to make smarter business decisions. Pharmacists in AmerisourceBergen’s network are able to manage the entire life cycle of a claim to ensure fair and accurate reimbursement in the most streamlined ways possible. Additionally, pharmacists can view summaries of pharmacy performance including peer comparisons and real-time data on front-of-store sales in order to quickly identify issues and take advantage of new opportunities. Strategic business coaches are also available to help pharmacists optimize the use of these tools to strengthen financial health and track improvements.

How AmerisourceBergen can help

Build Healthier Communities

Innovative patient care programs and consultation services strengthen pharmacists’ position as healthcare providers in the community.

Innovative Patient Care Programs

AmerisourceBergen offers innovative patient care programs designed to train and educate pharmacists to enhance the quality of care they provide. Access to immunization services expand clinical opportunities and introduce new streams of revenue. Additionally, a customized Patient Engagement Center helps community pharmacists increase adherence, improve quality measures and enhance patient care.

Care Consultation Programs

AmerisourceBergen also offers its pharmacies expert guidance based on a comprehensive understanding of the pharmacy business. From education and training to personalized customer service programs, advisors help pharmacists focus on engaging patients and building healthier communities.

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The Trials of a Global Market

Increase Supply Chain Efficiency

  • Emerging markets offer new opportunities in research and development but introduce increased risks to manufacturer investments.

  • As clinical trials expand globally, the need for a worldwide infrastructure that can deliver pharmaceuticals intact and on time is more urgent than ever.

  • Deliveries sent across borders face unique customs requirements, time or temperature sensitivity and unexpected disruptions that can delay or derail clinical trials.

  • Logistics and temperature-control expertise in worldwide markets keeps pharmaceutical shipments on track.

  • AmerisourceBergen supports pharmaceutical manufacturers with global resources and knowledge to protect the clinical trial supply chain worldwide.

It takes AmerisourceBergen to provide solutions that increase supply chain efficiency and secure investments in emerging markets.

Global Specialty Logistics

Expert knowledge in regional regulations and product sensitivity prevents interruptions down the road.

AmerisourceBergen’s global specialty logistics team provides expertise and knowledge of local regulations. This allows for more efficient processing of licensing and documentation for pre-clearance and rapid customs clearances. Global teams can also analyze packaging needs of a product, including size, material and temperature-control, preventing loss while remaining cost efficient.

How AmerisourceBergen can help

International Support Infrastructure

With a worldwide network of support, emerging markets have never been more within reach.

When unexpected interruptions occur abroad, it’s vital to have a strong network of resources. With over 140 offices in more than 50 countries, an international support infrastructure ensures trials stay on track. And GMP-compliant drug investigational depots located in strategic and emerging markets allow access to the continuing growth of global healthcare. Through the activation and coordination of teams worldwide, sudden logistics challenges can be solved, ensuring supply chains that support clinical trials worldwide remain intact.

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Temperature-Control Expertise

Specialized care for temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals means reduced risk of loss.

Biologics and other complex products in the global market have created demand for options in temperature control. Traditional cold chain delivery does not always meet the needs of temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals. Temperature-controlled solutions help protect pharmaceuticals in need of specialized care. From -196C to body temperature, AmerisourceBergen’s team of in-house specialists provides analysis and proper control solutions. This ensures products remain intact and supports the research and development of new and novel therapies around the globe.

How AmerisourceBergen can help

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The Value of a Patient-Centric Approach to Commercialization

Improve Product Access

  • The commercial success of bringing a new specialty pharmaceutical to market begins with the patient.

  • Unrecognized barriers can result in reduced patient access and missed commercial opportunities.

  • Payers must be assured of clinical and economic value in addition to the product’s safety and efficacy.

  • All stakeholders benefit from support programs that help patients overcome barriers to access and adherence.

  • A patient-centric perspective combined with strategic foresight and real-world evidence to prove product value helps maximize product access.

  • AmerisourceBergen offers pharmaceutical manufacturers comprehensive commercialization strategies, as well as the power to execute at every stage of the product life cycle.

It takes AmerisourceBergen to design and execute Signature® Product Launch & Commercialization Strategies that are designed around the specific attributes of your product and the unique needs of your patient population.

Health Economics and Outcomes Research (HEOR)

Best-in-class scientific methodologies generate data and uncover insights that inform the development of an effective product value proposition.

Clinical and economic value must be established for product value propositions to resonate with payers and other stakeholders who influence utilization. HEOR experts apply evidence-based strategies to demonstrate therapy values and support differentiation within a crowded market. Through research practices such as retrospective database analysis and prospective studies, as well as demonstration tools such as economic models, value dossiers, scientific publications, and account manager value decks, pharmaceutical manufacturers successfully position their products for formulary inclusion and favorable coverage decisions.

How AmerisourceBergen can help

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Patient Access and Adherence

A patient-centric commercialization strategy blends high-tech and high-touch solutions to improve product access, affordability and adherence.

Creating the best patient experience requires superior operational execution through a mixture of solutions that overcome barriers and maximize engagement by empowering patients to take an active role in their treatment. Knowledge of the patient experience, therapeutic area expertise and an understanding of how changes in healthcare impact patients, providers, health systems, pharmacies, payers, and large employers helps anticipate challenges patients will face throughout their treatment journey.

Specialty pharmacy adherence solutions enhance care by increasing patient touchpoints when they are needed most. Customized to the unique clinical profile of the product, these solutions fill in gaps between patient-practice interactions and add a layer of therapy-specific support and education provided by pharmacy clinicians. Specialty pharmacies gain frequent, actionable information about the patient’s progress and work in partnership with healthcare providers to help patients overcome challenges and achieve the best outcomes.

Decades of experience combined with research into stakeholder preferences and competitive benchmarking inform the design of an initial patient access strategy as well as how best to adapt to changing market dynamics. This ensures patients receive the best possible care and strengthens product performance from launch through market maturity.

Phenomenal service... the team is responsive and nimble and their insights tremendously enhance our business relationship.

Pharmaceutical Manufacturer

How AmerisourceBergen can help

Specialty Third-Party Logistics

Getting product to market efficiently and effectively is a critical step in aligning supply chain strategy with business goals.

Making sure product efficiently reaches patients takes a streamlined supply chain logistics strategy. Designing and executing this strategy takes a third-party logistics partner whose commitment to excellence and continued investment delivers cost-effective solutions that ensure compliance, mitigate risk and facilitate speed to market.

By starting with a consultative approach, we tailor your logistics strategy including recommendations on technology and infrastructure components to support both your business goals and patients’ needs. Services like distribution and full order-to-cash improve product performance and maximize return on logistics investments; while customized sales and inventory analytics provide the clear, actionable intelligence manufacturers need to make the right decisions in real time.

How AmerisourceBergen can help

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A patient-centered commercialization strategy requires knowledge, reach and partnership to improve product access around the globe.

The experience and insights of commercialization experts help navigate complex distribution decisions to design and execute strategies that are integrated and aligned with a desired patient experience. Efficient, safe and secure distribution services combined with the knowledge of the evolving trade and channel landscape and market-leading reach into all sites of care ensure prescribers are informed of new products so that patients can start, and remain, on therapy. From global logistics and automated inventory management for clinical trials to third-party logistics services for commercial products, comprehensive solutions and unparalleled customer service provide support at every stage of the product life cycle.

In addition, distribution expertise and promotional programs help maximize product access by ensuring prescribers, pharmacies and other sites of care are aware of a product and its value. With the largest collection of specialty physician GPO networks access is available to thousands of providers across a wide range of specialties. This results in more predictable sales volumes, targeted growth opportunities and the ability to communicate effectively with critical prescribers.

How AmerisourceBergen can help

Health Beyond the Hospital

Enhance Patient Care

  • Healthcare for patients doesn’t end after discharge – it transitions.

  • Health systems have taken on a greater responsibility to improve patient outcomes and stay viable.

  • Extending the continuum of care helps to mitigate 30-day hospital readmissions, cut costs and create new sources of revenue for your hospital.

  • Improving the viability of your health system by ensuring more positive health outcomes takes a committed partner.

  • AmerisourceBergen collaborates with health systems to provide integrated pharmacy and clinical options, extending care to the community.

It takes AmerisourceBergen to provide solutions for quality healthcare and improved financial performance.

Concierge Pharmacy

When pharmacists become a part of the team, patients receive better care from beginning to end.

At the time of discharge, concierge services include an onsite pharmacist and prescriptions delivered at the bedside. Patients leave with necessary medications and the knowledge of how to maintain compliance from pharmacists who have been integrated into the patient care team. This enhanced patient care results in higher patient satisfaction scores and a reduction in 30-day hospital readmissions while generating additional revenue.

This service is one of the best ways to mitigate 30-day readmissions and there is substantial data supporting this methodology.

Hospital Executive

How AmerisourceBergen can help

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Ambulatory Pharmacy

Ongoing contact with a pharmacist reduces the risk of patient readmittance.

For patients moving through a health system, continuous pharmacy services ensure consistent support and care. Ambulatory pharmacies allow health systems to continue to monitor a patient’s medication needs while developing relationships with patients, family members and the community. This also results in reduced risks of readmission and the associated CMS penalty while enhancing patient safety and creating new revenue streams.

How AmerisourceBergen can help

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Employee Drug Benefit

Giving staff access to an on-site pharmacy helps maintain healthier teams and adds a revenue stream.

Along with providing support to patients, access to an ambulatory pharmacy addresses the needs of health system employees by filling prescriptions under the employee drug benefit, offering treatment support and stocking retail products for purchase. This facet of an on-location pharmacy ensures quality customer service and attention and may also become an added revenue stream.

AmerisourceBergen guided us through the whole process and provided excellent advice based on their extensive experience setting up and operating retail pharmacies or other clients

Tom Conley, Vice President Human Resources

How AmerisourceBergen can help

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Specialty Pharmacy

Accommodating patients requiring specialized care takes access to specialty medications and services.

Specialty medications serving patients with chronic conditions, acute events or complex therapies often must be administered by a healthcare professional, requiring additional patient support. For these patients, non-adherence can have especially significant health ramifications. A specialty pharmacy provides expert therapy management services, coupled with patient education and counseling, while managing proper dosing and monitoring for appropriate medication use. This results in increased performance and efficiency and added revenue.

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